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5 Must Have Free Shopify Apps For Beginners

5 free apps you must have for beginners

It's pretty easy and quick to set up a store on Shopify and you can use the app store to trick it out and compete with seasoned  players. That doesn't mean you have to immediately start forking over hundreds of dollars to get there. You can start out nice and slow. There are free versions and completely free apps available that will serve you well when you are just starting out. Check out some of the select free apps I think you should have to give your store that little helpful boost. 

Free Shipping Bar By Hextom

Free shipping bar by Hexton

One of the biggest reasons that carts are abandoned is shipping charges. Best way to combat this is to work the shipping charges into the price of your product. However if you are unable to currently absorb the shipping charge into a single product, you can spread the cost out over several products and offer your customer free shipping if they surpass a minimum spending requirement. 

This is where the free shipping bar comes in handy. It will post an announcement bar on your website to show customers, how much they have to spend before they get free shipping. Not only that, as your customer continues to add items to their cart, the remaining amount shown drops until they have spent enough to get free shipping. At that point a congratulatory message is displayed to let them know they will be receiving free shipping. 

Privy - Free Email Popups With Exit Intent

Ok so someone browsing your store is about to leave, are you going let them go without getting their email? Email lists are one of the best and free ways to grow your business. They are the bread and butter of not just an e-commerce website but just about any site. Starting an email list is the number one rule when you create a website. Obviously the person ended up on your website because they were looking for something and your website intrigued them enough to check it out so make sure to ask for their email address so you can stay connected with them.

Privy lets you create and submit email pop up when it looks like your customer is about leave. How does it know that? Exit intent! Basically the software watches how your customer moves their mouse and when it looks like they are about to leave ( goes towards the x button or address bar) a pop up comes up asking if they would like to submit their email address.

 It allows you to customize the image and message to your liking. You can also make your pop ups interesting by offering a coupon if they give you their email address or turn it into a game by using the spin to win wheel to give your customers a chance to win a prize when they submit their email address. Then use those email address to send out up to 3000 news letters each month.  There are a ton of other features but ones listed above are included in the free version.

Tracking & Delivery Updates By AfterShip

If you can, you should definitely offer tracking on your shipments. It's a hands free way to allow your customer to keep an eye on the package without having to email you for constant updates. They can plan to be home when they can see that it is out for delivery. It also keeps fraudulent people from trying to lie about not receiving an item and if an item really isn't delivered, it gives you better opportunity to rectify the problem. But why not allow your customer to remain on your website to see the tracking. It gives you opportunity to promote more products while building trust. 

Aftership is an app that lets you do just that. It works with 447 couriers, is automatically updated so your customers can see directly on your website where their purchase is. You can also see how your are doing with your shipping using their analytics. 

Product Reviews By Shopify

Product reviews build trust in your company. When visitors can see what others who have bought from you have to say, they have more confidence in you and are more likely to make a purchase. Reviews also give you opportunity to learn about customers and see how you can improve the product. You can fix things with a customer who wasn't happy with a purchase.

Shopify's product review app allows you to collect reviews from your customers and display them on your website. They will also show up in the search engines in an SEO friendly way. 

Plug In SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically setting up your site in a way that will increase likelihood of organic visitors coming to your website from search engines. The better your website ranks in search engines, the more visitors you will get. The ranking is dependent on many things and one these is On Page SEO. On Page SEO are techniques you implement directly on your website that affect the rank of your website in search engines.

When you sign up for Shopify, you have sections in the back end which you can fill out to help with your website SEO, however it doesn't tell you if what you are doing is correct or can it be improved. Plugin SEO scans your website and tells you exactly where everything is fine and where things can be improved. Not only that it will also tell you what you need to do fix things. 

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