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How To Find Blog Post Ideas That Will Go Viral

11 great sources of blog post ideas pin

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Coming up with things to write about can become quite a task. When you are a new blogger, you may not have a direction as to what to write about. As a seasoned blogger you don't want to become an echo chamber. You want to connected with what is actually going on in your niche and what kind of topics your are readers interested in. Sometimes when you know too much, you tend to forget what someone just learning may find useful.

I am definitely not in that category yet. There are many things I still learn as I go. I have a google sheet for each of my blogs where I jot down ideas as they come but that doesn't happen very often. A lot of the time I draw a blank and have to go looking for ideas to write about. So I put together a list of places I look to come up with post ideas for my blogs.

Pinterest Feed

Since Pinterest is a discovery engine, it is a great place to find ideas to write about in your niche. Especially if you plan on pinning your blog posts on it.

Just plug in your keyword. You could even plug in your niche, if you don't have any keywords thought out. You will get a ton of blog posts on the topic. Not only that, Pinterest gives you search terms listed at the top that are typically associated with your keyword. You can add them to your query by clicking on them and that will result in more pins ideas and more search terms.

pinterest feed blog post ideas visual example

This is an awesome way to get ideas on what to write about because these search terms are populated by Pinterests' alogrithm.  

You don't have to copy the posts from other users. This is to help you brainstorm ideas. You can look and see how you can improve on what's already out there. You could also add your own unique perspective to it.

Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is a great place to find content that is going viral. All you do is type in your keyword or niche and the free version will give you top 10 results of the most shared content with those keywords. 

This is a good way to gauge what kind of content people in your niche like to read and share. This is also a good way to see which of the social networks had the most shares that way you know where to focus your promotion energy.

I ran an example search with term "scary movies" and I can see that listicles are popular, with Facebook being the social network with the most shares. I could then maybe create an article with a large number of horror movies that were maybe popular in the 80s and promote it on my Facebook page.

Buzz Sumo popular posts example using term scary movies

There is another feature on Buzz Sumo that helps you find content that is evergreen. The score is calculated by how many engagements it has even after 30 days of publishing. This will give you ideas on what kind of content to write if you want it to be continuously shared long after you have published it.

Answer The Public

This is a really cool site with a grumpy old man staring you down and growing increasingly impatient as you try to come up with something to type into the search box.

What Answer The Public does is show you all the questions for your query beginning with who, what, when, where, how, which, can and are in either a circular chart form or list form.

I ran an example search on the word eyeshadow and it has given me 189 questions being about eyeshadow. If you have a beauty blog, some of these seem like great blog post ideas. 

Example search on the term eyeshadow in answer the public

Best of all these are actual questions that people are asking from around the web. If you write a post based off of these, you would be making not only your audience happy but also the search engines. 


This is another great spot to see what is on the mind of people in your niche.  The most popular questions have high following which tells you that is something that a lot people want to know about.  

An example search on the topic "Social Media" shows me that people seem to be interested in finding monitoring tools. That could be a good blog post idea. I could do a list of all the possible tools available and their pros and cons.

example search on quora for the term social media

Googles' Related Searches

What could be better than Google itself giving you hints on what people are looking for. These appear near the bottom of the page after you search a term.

Google related searches for low carb recipes

Just click on any that interest you and see what pops up in Google. It will also lead to more related searches and you can keep exploring.

Survey Your Readers

If you are further along in your blog game, why not just ask your readers what they want. You can do this by ending your blog posts with a question, installing a poll on your blog post, or even mailing out a poll in your newsletter.

You could give them 3 or 4 topics to choose from and then write a blog post on the most popular choice.

Your Blog Post Comments

Blog post comments are great place to interact with your readers. After all you are writing for them. Talk to them, answer there questions. See what kind of discussions are taking place in your comments section. 

Your Most Popular Content

Take a look at what you have already posted to see what is being read most. What is being shared the most? What has the most comments? This will show you what type of content resonates well with your readers and people in your niche.


Reddit is full of subreddits covering just about any topic. You can look through ones in your niche. You could enter a query in the search box.

Reddit also has AMAs (ask me anything). In these threads an expert, or someone who answers questions put to them by members of Reddit. Take a look at what is being asked. The threads are arranged by vote so questions as the top have the highest votes. Meaning lots of people want to know the answer. There could be a great blog post idea hiding in these questions. Check out the image below to see example of a blogger AMA with questions being asked. 

Example screenshot of questions being asked in a Reddit AMA

Image Source Reddit


Forums may not sound like places to dig around for blog posts ideas but they are still very much in use. Sometimes they are labelled as community. All niches have related forums. You will find like minded people there.

Before Google used to have a discussions tab which gave you results from only forums. Unfortunately that was discontinued but there is a chrome extension that brings the button back.

Facebook Groups

You can start a Facebook group for your blog and interact with your readers. Nurture discussions on your board. Have a theme for the day to push things along and encourage people to participate. 

You can even join other Facebook groups in your niche and see what kind of things people talk about. 

A great way to improve on the content ideas from the above sources is to plug them into Google. See what pops up and make it better. Increase the number of items included in a list article, see what is missing in the articles on the first page, make it longer and more informative. This is the skyscraper technique. Brian Dean from came up with it and it honestly is an achievable way to reach the first page of Google. You can read about it here

Hope that was helpful in giving you ideas on where to get fresh engaging content. If there are ways you use to come up with blog post ideas that I haven't mentioned, share below in the comments.

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