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How To Stand Out On Instagram

How to stand out on Instagram

Instagram is a very visual platform and therefore a perfect medium to cultivate a loyal following to your products. However there are 25 million business profiles on the site. There is a high chance your business may get lost in all that noise and your customers may not find you.

There are ways to build a following and one of them is to stand out from the crowd. Here we share a few ideas and tips on how to do just that. Don't get overwhelmed, you don't have to implement all of these at once. Slowly experiment with the various ways and see how your audience responds.

Stellar Photography

Have you heard the phrase "You eat with your eyes first". Well that is also true for non food related products.  You want your customers to want your product. You don't want them to be repulsed by it so make sure to take great photographs of your products.

For this you can hire a photographer who knows how to photograph products or you could use the basics of photography and do it yourself. You can even take courses on Creative Live or Udemy.  This is a bit of a long term strategy and time consuming so in the mean time you can use a light box to photograph your products to give them that clean professional look.

Would you believe me if I told you the above photo is of a designer piece that is worth a lot of money? I got it from Ebay, and unfortunately the way the pants are displayed and photographed makes them look like they are from a flea market. They could be made from the most luxurious material and have the most exquisite stitching but I would never know because the photo doesn't portray that. I am not trying to single out the business owner as this is the typical practice on  eCommerce platforms and it likely works out for them as piece sells itself for being designer. However if you are trying to sell your own product, you have to build your name so make sure you put your best foot forward.

Sell A Lifestyle

Sure Instagram is full of beautiful images but what is it that really attracts people to an account. It is the illusion of what life could be that gets people to follow the account. Now that does not mean that you need to do beach or luxury photo shoots. Not everyone is after that. You have to figure out what your ideal customer wants and show them that lifestyle through photographs featuring your product.  Take a look at the examples below.

fabletics instagram

Instagram- @fabletics

Fossil instagram

Instagram- @fossil

As you can see both Fabletics and Fossil don't just post photos of their products, they show their ideal customers out and about living life in their products. Don't treat Instagram like a catalogue but rather a journal.

Think About Your Layout

Try to plan out what you will be posting at least a week in advance.  Instagram business account allows you schedule your photos currently but not videos. You can use post schedulers like Hootsuite for a price. Buffer and Later also offer free plans that have limited options that are great for starting out.

You should also think about the theme of the photographs. Keep it harmonious and coordinated. If you want to introduce photographs that are different from the current theme, slowly change over to the new look over a week or 2 so that it is not jarring to the eyes and looks messy on your screen.

The OA instagram page

Instagram- @the_oa

Use Video

Instagram video

Video content continues to be the most shared content online.  According to 76.5%  of small business owners saw results from their video marketing efforts.  As they say a picture says a thousand words. Well a video is many pictures, so imagine how much you can get across in just a small video. Not only that, people retain more of what they have seen versus what they have read. You can do a video that show off your product but you can also do a video that shows a glimpse into the daily behind the scenes of your company. It will help you connect with your customers on a personal level.

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