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5 Ways Push Notifications Can Increase Sales

How to increase sales with push notification

Large majority of visitors to your site are likely to leave without giving you their email address.  On average only 2% of the people visiting your website will sign up with their email. That leaves 98% people who came and left your website as anonymous users.

People are bombarded by promotional emails from left and right so they are rightfully a bit wary of handing it out like candy. Push notifications offers a one click solution that doesn't require them to sign up for promotional emails that sit in their mailbox.

For the retailer, they pop up right where their potential customer can see it and with a flick of finger the user can get rid of them if it doesn't entice them. It require less commitment then an email so it's easier for a user to say yes. 

Check out these 5 ways you can use push notifications to increase sales on your website.

Abandoned cart recovery

I have discussed cart abandonment before and the typical reasons for it. You can read the article here.

One way that retailers address carts that have been abandoned is by reaching out to the customer through the email address they captured before the customer decided to leave the website. They send out a friendly reminder that tells the customers that they have a cart of items they wished to purchase waiting for them.. They may even throw in a discount to entice them back and complete the purchase.

With a push notification, this friendly reminder pops up right in front of them as they are using their device.  You don't have the risk of having your email lost among other messages in the mailbox.

According to Accengage, a push technology expert, 27% web users responded to push notifications. They credit this to the customers response towards abandoned cart notices.  Push Alert noted that store orders increased by 2% to 10% due to abandoned cart reminders. In an industry where 70% of carts are abandoned for one reason or another, this is a good sign.

Flash sale reminder

Time is of the essence when it comes to flash sales. You want your customers to know right away when you have a flash sale going on. You don't want to disappoint your customers because they didn't see your email in time and you also don't want to miss out on potential buyers.

 If you send out emails as reminders to your customers, you will have to wait until they are able to access their mailbox and find and read your email about the sale before they actually show up on your site to shop. Push notifications can be set to show up just as the sale begins and because they are right on the customers home screen or desktop, they can react right away and take advantage of the sale which also benefits you.

Price drop notifications

I have mentioned cart abandonment above but you can also have customers with items they have saved in their wish list which have come down in price. This is a good opportunity to attract these customers back. Since they have already shown interest in these items, they are more likely to make the purchase because the price is more favorable. 

According to Fire Push, one of Shopifys' most successful apps, the click through rate for price drop notifications is 24%. That is a large amount of people that would otherwise not be coming back for the purchase. Sure you can communicate this through email but again you run the chance of the customer missing out or responding too late. Push notifications creates a sense of urgency and customer is more likely to respond in time and quickly.

Win back campaigns

A win back campaign is when you try to bring back a customer who hasn't been back to your store in a while. They have either made a purchase before or just visited before. Typically an email is sent out with some interesting offers currently available and letting the customer know that they are missed since they haven't been back. 

With a push notification, you can send a short and concise message letting the customer know what is happening and welcoming them back to the store. 

Re-marketing campaigns

You can use your customers' previous actions and behavior to direct offers and items that may interest them. These customers are warmed and more likely to make a purchase than customers who haven't interacted with your store or brand before. These campaigns are a combination of some of the previously discussed notifications. You could target someone who has purchased before, visited the store, watched your ad or interacted with your social media accounts.

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