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Is Tailwind Really All That It's Cracked Up To Be Pinterest PIn

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I have talked about the fact that currently Pinterest is my main traffic strategy. However being successful on Pinterest requires posting a lot of relevant pins from not only your blog but also from others. 

There are different theories about how many times you should be posting pins per day. I am currently at 11 to 15 pins but some pin 30 times and some even 50 or more. 

All of this is obviously not possible if you try to pin that many manually. You would not have time to do anything else let alone grow a blog. That is where scheduling apps come in.

I had joined a bunch of Facebook groups that focus on Pinterest to interact with others on the platform and also learn tips and tricks. That is where I learned about Tailwind.

Tailwind has a section for Instagram but I have not used it yet so I am only going to discuss it from a Pinterest point of view.

If you want to quickly know what I think, then here it is. I think it's a great investment and you should definitely get it if you are going to be using Pinterest a lot. If you want to know a bit more about Tailwind and what I like and don't like about it, then keep reading.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Tailwind is a scheduling app that helps you schedule multiple pins on Pinterest. It uses algorithms that determine the best time to share your posts. That way your posts go live on Pinterest when they are most likely to be seen by your followers.

There are several tabs within the Tailwind dashboard, I have discussed them in a bit more detail below.

Weekly summary

This shows a weekly summary of how your pins are doing. You can see how many of your pins have been re-pinned, your domain pins. How many followers you have gained or lost and if anyone has commented on the pins you shared. 

Clicking on "see more..." takes you the Insights tab, which I will discuss further down.


tailwind tribes screenshot

Inside look at a taiwind tribe

Tribes are kind of like Pinterest group boards. Basically users can create groups to share pins dedicated to different niches and topics. You can browse the tribes available by using categories or even clicking on the hashtags associated with tribes that pop up. 

Do check out how many people are in the group how active a group is before joining.

Some groups are open groups and some you have to request the owner to give you access. 

Just use the message box that pops up to send a polite message explaining what you do and asking to join the tribe.

Each tribe has its own rules, which you can read on the left hand side. Follow the rules to be able to stay in the tribe.

You are allowed to join 5 tribes with the free trial and also with your plus membership and you can post up to 30 pins monthly to those tribes. To join more tribes and submit more pins, you have to pay for power ups. I currently have not bought any power ups as I don't have enough content but I am sure by the time I do, I will be able to afford those power ups anyways.


This is where all the scheduling for your account happens. 

There is a schedule to the right hand side which you can drag and drop to change pin time location or you can lock the pin in position so it doesn't move.

I schedule my pins by boards and at the end I shuffle them all so that I don't end up scheduling to the same board over and over again. I also manually drag my own pins to certain time slots and lock them in so that they don't move when I shuffle.

tailwind empty drafts section screenshot

Empty drafts section showing suggested pins

The drafts section holds all the pins you have collected but haven't scheduled yet. I typically schedule my pins as I pick them up, I don't want to go through the drafts, otherwise it will take me even longer to schedule my pins.

If your drafts section is empty then Tailwind fills it up with pin suggestions based on what you typically share. Greatly place to pick up more pins to schedule.

Tailwind scheduled pins section screenshot

Scheduled pins section showing details of each pin

Scheduled Pins sections shows you all the pins that you have scheduled into your calendar. You can move pins from here to draft if you need to edit anything, you can delete pins for whatever reason, or you can pin them immediately.

Sometimes for various reasons some pins fail to publish. When this happens, they are held in a failed pin queue for you to look at. I typically just get rid of them instead of spending time trying to fix the problem. Only time I republish them is if they were my own or if there was some Pinterest glitch and they didn't publish and all I have to do is hit the re-schedule button.

Next we have the smart loop section where you can set up loops to post your best performing pins again and again at optimal times. I have not used this feature yet as I don't have a lot of content to try it out but it sounds like a great feature because otherwise you would have to do this manually. You want to re-share you best performing pins because they will bring you more traffic.

tailwind published pins section screenshot

Published pins with metrics and options

Published pins sections shows you how the pins that have been shared on Pinterest are performing. You can also add them to the tribes, smart loop, reschedule them and find similar content from this section.

Tailwind section that shows the smart schedule manager

Your schedule section is made up of an automatically generated smart schedule. This is made up of time slots when your followers are most likely to see your pins. This is regularly updated with new suggested time slots and you can generate a fresh schedule based on the latest information on your followers. I generate a new schedule each month before I started my monthly scheduling. 

Board lists lets you group your boards so that you can post your pins to all of them with one click. This really saves time, so that you don't have to schedule your pins each board. 

Next is the Instagram beta section. As I have said earlier that I only use Tailwind for Pinterest so can't comment on how well it works with Instagram.


Insights gives you all the analytics you need for your Pinterest account. How many pins were shared, how many followers gained or lost and any comments that were made. Tailwind also has it's own metrics that show you whether your pins were viral and engaging.

Boards insights section shows you how your boards are performing. Which are getting the most repins and engagement. You can use this information to make important decisions to help grow your account and traffic. Check out the video above.

Pin Inspector breaks those analytics down further and looks at how individual pins are doing. You can use this information to put your pins in a smart loop or create similar content.

Website insights and organic activity focus on your website's performance. Whether people are pinning from your website. You can even sync your Google analytics to see the referral traffic from Pinterest.

What I like about it

I love that I can schedule a month's worth of pins in a few hours and then use my free time for other important tasks. I also like that my posts will be shown when my followers are most likely to see them. 

I also like that you can use a Chrome extension to collect pins straight into Tailwind, just like you can with a Pinterest extension.

Although I don't have too much experience with Pinterest group boards,  I really like the tribes that Tailwind offers. I can see how active the tribe members are and how often they re-pin. That way I know whether or not I am wasting my time sharing my pins there or not.

When you are pinning that many pins a day, you are bound to forget if you have pinned one already to a board. Tailwind remembers and will give you a warning that you have already posted that pin to that board. 

After you use Tailwind to pin a pin, it shows you similar pins directly from the websites of users who have agreed to let Tailwind pull pins into its suggestion box. This saves me time from looking around for more pins. I can usually find 2-3 relevant pins every time, just from the suggestions.

I like that a lot of the functions like re-pinning, sharing with tribes and find other similar content is quick to do with just a click. 

I like all the detailed analytics it offers so that I can shape and mold my strategy as I go along.

Tailwind also has suggestions and articles that help your efforts.                         

What I do not like about it

It takes them a while to get back to you because their customer service team is not very big. I think these are growing pains, and hopefully they hire more people to handle customer inquiries and problems so that things get resolved faster.

Sometimes for whatever reason, I find that descriptions disappear on some pins. I personally don't have time to add a detailed description for someone else's pin so I add a quick sentence on what the article is about just so that I can pin it. It really sucks for the owner of the pin because I am sure they had put thought into their description and it probably had keywords and hashtags. I think it's a glitch that they will probably iron out, hopefully soon. 

If Pinterest is going to be a large part of your strategy, Tailwind is a good investment. You start out with their trial to check it out. 

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