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Make Money Teaching AI How To See Like Humans

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This is one of the most interesting ways to earn money online that I have recently come across. 

Computers are becoming more and more integrated into of our daily lives. Online algorithms try to figure out what it is that we are searching for. In the real world we have autonomous cars, delivery robots and technology that can help us shop. This is just the beginning of the possibilities that are yet to come. 

But, did you know that all this AI (artificial intelligence) also needs human help to be able to recognize, see and understand things as humans do. 

This is where you come in. There are companies that employ people to help create and decipher data so that AI can then use it to get better at doing its job.

What kind of tasks do you do?

You get access to different kinds of tasks once you pass exams for them. Exams are mixture of multiple choice questions and an example task. Before you begin you are taught what you are suppose look for and do. Sometimes if your annotation is slightly off, your answer gets rejected, which sucks because it can get annoying trying to be perfect.

Tasks can involve tracing and tagging different objects like vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, traffic signs, animals, different parts of the image, keywords for to describe an image and transcription.

Spare 5

screenshot of Spare 5 homepage showing the types of tasks they offer

Example tasks Spare 5 offers. Image courtesy Spare 5

When you sign up for Spare 5, there is a set of tutorials waiting for you in your dashboard. These remain there even after you successful complete them, in case you need a refresher. You are allowed to take the tutorials again if you don't pass. They are pretty easy so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Once you complete a tutorial successfully, you are able to take associated qualifying tests. The qualification tests are unpaid but do give you experience points (XP) to add to your profile. Higher XP gives you access to exclusive tasks which pay more. If you fail the qualification test, you will have another attempt at it after a waiting period.

The successful completion of the qualification tests will allow you to take on paid tasks in that field. The paid tasks give you both XP and money. So far the tasks that I have done on Spare 5 have been about identifying and labeling vehicles, pedestrians, roads, objects and road signs for autonomous vehicles.

Spare 5 dashboard screenshot showing qualifying tests and tutorials

Spare 5 dashboard Image courtesy Spare 5 

The pay hasn't been very much but I am hopeful that with more experience and tests I will have access to tasks that pay a bit more.

What I have noticed is that each task has been previously worked on by another Five (workers are called Fives), sometimes for other types of tasks or same as the one you are given. You know this because you see annotations on the image presented to you. You are asked whether there is anything left to be done and if there is, you can hit yes and finish the work needed. If you hit no, you move onto another task.


  • Short tasks
  • Pays weekly (Fridays)
  • Simple work
  • You can choose tasks and see the XP and pay before you select them.
  • Do phone tasks if you have an iPhone


  • Low pay
  • Sometimes the tests are bit too picky and you will fail even if you are slightly off.


Screenshot of remotasks main page showing types of tasks they offer

Types of tasks available on Remotasks. Image Courtesy Remotasks

Remotasks software is similar to Spare 5. You get access to paid tasks after you pass qualification tests. You are paid by the hour and each type of work has it's own pay amount. Typically the pay is $1 to $5 per hour. I have done about an hour's worth of work. 

My biggest problem with this site has been problems accessing tests and getting them to load. This means I have only been able to pass one test and able to get only those type of tasks. The help desk has said they eliminate tests for tasks that are no longer available, which is why I couldn't access the test. It would be better if they would just delete it off the dashboard menu so people don't get broken links.

I do have access to one more test now. I am not sure if I will hit another dead end after this or they continue with another qualification test instead of letting me choose a test from a list.

A quick look at the forums on the site, tells me that I am not the only one who is having trouble getting access to exams. Help desk seems to be prompt and helpful in replying though.

Also since I am only able to do one type of task so far, I don't get the choose the tasks yet.

If you choose not to do a task, you can hit the skip button and move onto the next task.


  • Short tasks
  • Pay weekly (Tuesdays)
  • Simple work


  • Glitchy platform
  • Low pay
  • The tests are much longer than Spare 5. You have to annotate an entire image.

This is obviously not a way to create a full time income but I am happy to have found another way to earn money from home. I have a feeling that doing these tasks would be a bit easier if I had a stylus to trace. I will update once I test that out.

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