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Time Saving Blogging Tools That I Use On My Blog

How I save time by using these blogging tools Pinterest pin image

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As a stay at home mom with a few blogs, I am constantly strapped for time. There are only so many hours in a day and I have to pick and choose things to do to accomplish my goals.

As of now my main goals are to write content, promote the content and grow my email list. But as a one woman show, there is a lot more to do to make my blog a success. This is where tools come in that help me free up time so I can do more.


My scheduled pins tailwind dashboard

Right now I am focusing on Pinterest as my main traffic source. In order to grow your followers and traffic, you have to consistently post relevant pins and also share your own content multiple times a day.

My biggest reason for using Tailwind is that it drastically cuts down on the time I would otherwise spend pinning. To be quite frank I don’t think I could even do a fraction of the pinning manually that I schedule on Tailwind. I would have zero time to do anything else in my life if I tried to keep up manually. Not only that, Tailwind also has its own algorithms that figure out when people are most likely to interact with your pin and it will give you time slots to schedule posts then. Sometimes people are surprised when their best times according to Tailwind are in the middle of the night, when they would otherwise be sleeping and missing out on potential readers and followers if they were doing things manually.

I schedule my pins once a month and then don’t worry about them. I have a small child so it takes me a lot longer to schedule everything but it’s honestly a few hours of work for a day every month and then its hands free.

Although I personally haven’t tried it yet but Tailwind can also be used to schedule posts on Instagram.

Tailwind has a free subscription that lets you post up to 100 pins and 30 posts on Instagram. Check it out here.


Screenshot of my Convertkit form editor

I got lucky with this as I ended up getting a 2 month free trial through Ultimate Bundles. Before that I was with Mailchimp. When you are new there is nothing wrong with using Mailchimp as it is a great platform and it is free for up to 2000 subscribers. Only thing was that I really wanted to get things going quickly and I wanted my forms to look the way I saw them on a lot of popular blogs. I didn’t want to waste my time coding to make my form look a certain way.

I don’t want to give the wrong idea that Convertkit forms are completely code free but the default form had everything I wanted and all did was change around a the colors and add my images. If you are looking edit more than that, that is definitely possible.

The automation and sequences tabs make it easy to set up automated emails when your subscribers takes a particular action. You can also segments your subscribers according to according different filters so that you can target them better.

I am still learning the various aspects of Convertkit but so far I am happy with it.

Convertkit has a 14 day free trial for new users for up to a maximum of 1000 subscribers. Check it out here.

Tasty Pins

Screenshot collage of tasty pin backend view

*This is a collage of the tasty pins functions. These are in separate locations and don’t appear together like this in actuality.

Now as we know that Pinterest pins can overwhelm your blog post. So bloggers typically hide them using codes and attributes. That is a perfectly fine and a great way to take care of the problem. My problem was that I had read a number of times that the “display:none” could get you in trouble with Google as some black hat bloggers use it to hide keywords. Watch the video below to learn about Google’s stance on keyword stuffing.

There are lot of bloggers that still use it but I didn’t want to test it out on my blog.

Pinterest also has attributes you can use to hide images but as far as I know, you need a visible image in your blog post and you can hide the pin in the code of that image. So multiple pins require multiple visible images.

I decided to go with Tasty Pins as not only can you hide multiple pin images with ease, it also adds the Pinterest no pin attribute to non pin images in your blog post so that people can’t accidentally choose them to pin. All this is possible with a few clicks.

Check out Tasty Pins here.


Screenshot of my Yoast SEO

Although my focus is currently on Pinterest for traffic, I don’t want to completely ignore search engines. SEO is a long term game and I rather make sure that I get it right from the beginning.

With Yoast, all the possible improvements and mistakes are listed right there in front me to fix. I don’t have to go guessing as to what else I need to do. Every WordPress blog needs Yoast as it makes SEO super simple.

If you plan on using Rich Pins then Yoast makes it easy as it has Facebook OpenGraph metadata option you can enable. Check out Yoast here.

Thrive Architect

Screenshot of my thrive architect backend

There are a number of WordPress page builders that are available to make it easier to design attractive WordPress pages. However, I was in search of a builder that would make it super easy to design beautiful posts. I didn’t want to have to code everything, and I wanted to be able to switch things around easily.  I also didn’t want to have to download a ton of plugins to making things happen. That is when I came across Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect offers so much flexibility and options. You can add a table of contents, tabs, icons, contact forms, progress bars, social shares, rating, pricing tables and much more, all with a click. It is a WYSIWYG editor so you see exactly what your post is going to look like. All the elements can be resized, and you can also change the colors. You can also use Thrive Architect to design pages as well. There are so many things you can do, that I can’t really cover them all here.

I actually use it on a number of websites and I couldn’t imagine starting another blog without it. It makes things so much simpler and quicker. Check out Thrive Architect here.

So there you have it, some of the tools I personally use that save me a ton of time so that I can focus on my goals at the moment.

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